With our unique expirience in IT projects, we help You improve processes in future and ongoing solutions. We will take care about Quality Assurance of new software...

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Bring Your buisness to the internet, it will open new markets and rise Your innovation level. The acceptance testing of solutions is our speciality...

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Our consultants will help You integrate new software in the organization. We will support You from the beginnig through whole IT project...

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We uderstard that the Key to Success is fast adaptation to the changing world. You have to be a part of the World Wide Web, We will help You achieve it...

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The World Wide Web is whole new world full of new possibilities for business. We will guide Your company here giving You possibility to revolutionize Your world...

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Welcome, dear visitor!

We are PIIAR Software Colsulting. We believe that succesfull buisness in curent time and enviroment need to use the IT and Internet potential. That is why we help our clients to integrate software solutions and web based systems in their organizations.

Let Us help You to exceed Your limits and find Your place in the World Wide Web. Your the business expirience and our IT knowledge will be enough to unleash Your potential.

Basing on Our expirience in Quality Assurance and Web Systems Architecture We help You with successfull and efficient management of IT and Internet projects.

Our specialists will support You during :

1.) gathering and defining requirements for the software or web application
2.) co-operation with software developement company
3.) handling software quality assurance tasks and accpetance testing after delivery of fully functional project
4.) assisting during the integration of system at Your organization in production enviroment


We invite You to review our "Projects" portfolio and check "Services" that we could offer... Plase do not heistate to Contact Us, We would love to help You...


  • We encurage You to be a part of our work and our dreams. Please take a look at the Malamute Harbor projects site. We believe that these dogs deserve our help. If You like the idea and would like to help just visit the online shop. If You like it please share the idea with Your firends...

    Michal Buczko

    PIIAR Software Consulting Founder